Polaris Plush with Polaris AB and B

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Polaris is a yellow supergiant also the brightest star in the night sky. Many people call this supergiant the North Star because it’s located almost at the north celestial pole. You can still find the North Star even when the full moon is high in the sky. Polaris is accompanied by two smaller dwarf stars that can be located in the constellation of UrsaMinoris. Now you can have your very own Polaris buddies with the yellow supergiant lighting up the way.

Product Dimensions: Height of Polaris seated is approximately 10"; Polaris Ab is 3 1/2" and Polaris B is 4"
Material: Polyester Fiber
Shape: Round
Recommended ages: 3 years of age and up
Includes: 3 AA Batteries in childproof internal case and a 30 minute timer for the light.