Mars Plush


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  • This Celestial Buddy is a peace loving Martian modeled after our neighbor, Mars! Includes fun facts about Mars on the tag!

    Ages 3+
    Approximately 5.5" tall when seated
    Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy
    Handmade in China
    All new materials
    Content: polyester fiber

    Did you know...

    Life on Mars and Percival Lowell—the idea and the man have remained inextricably linked since the 1890s. Percival Lowell, the founder of Lowell Observatory, was not the first astronomer to suggest life existed on Mars and he certainly was not the last; he was not the first scientist to believe he saw direct proof of that life—the so-called canals that we know today are not real—and, again, he was not the last. But he was probably the loudest, and his name is ubiquitous in discussions of life on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system.

    Later generations of astronomers at the Observatory researched the red planet. The most prolific was probably E.C. Slipher, who studied Mars for decades and captured some 100,000 images, the majority with the 24-inch Clark Telescope. Another Mars researcher was Clyde Tombaugh, who is best remembered for his discovery of another planet—Pluto—at Lowell Observatory in 1930.

    Today, postdoctoral associate Jennifer Hanley continues this long heritage of Mars research at Lowell, studying salts and their relationship to the stability of water on Mars.

    Celestial Buddies
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