Mission to Pluto: The First Visit to an Ice Dwarf and the Kuiper Belt

  • In July of 2015 a robotic spacecraft reached Pluto after a nine-and-half-year journey. New Horizons is the first spacecraft mission to Pluto and revealed its five moons as never before seen. Images from the mission show a reddish surface covered in ice-water mountains, moving glaciers, and hints of possible ice volcanoes and an underground ocean. Pluto is geologically alive and changing!

    This addition to the Scientists in the Field series goes where no person or spacecraft has ever gone before. Follow along with the team of scientists as they build New Horizons, fly it across the solar system, and make new discoveries about a world three billion miles away.

    Age Range: 10 - 12 years
    Grade Level: 5 - 7
    Series: Scientists in the Field Series
    Hardcover: 80 pages
    Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers (January 10, 2017)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0544416716
    ISBN-13: 978-0544416710
    Product Dimensions: 11 x 0.5 x 9 inches