MOVA Globe: Mars

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Acrylic Base 4.5" Diameter 7
Acrylic Base 6.0" Diameter 4
  • Known as the Red Planet, Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and gets its signature reddish-brown color from rust on the surface. With a complete recreation that includes the planet’s craterous landscape and full range of golden, brown, tan, and red hues, the Mars MOVA Globe is a stunning representation of the magnificent planet. Set the MOVA Globe on the standard 3-pronged acrylic base to create an optical illusion as the globe rotates continuously.

    The globe comes packaged with:
    - 3-pronged acrylic base, square to distinctly display your MOVA Globe
    - Warrenty and Owner's Manual

    - Awarded the Green Product Award (2015)
    - Globe rotation is solar powered, no batteries or wires required!
    - Stellar gift for any space fan!
    - Easy to assemble

    - Diameter options: 4.5" & 6.0"
    - Height with base: 4.5" globe - 7.75" tall & 6.0" Globe - 9.25" tall
    - Warrenty included

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    TurtleTech Design
    MOVA International
    MG-45-MARS & MG-6-MARS