Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Sun

  • Delight your mind and eyes with this 3D Crystal Puzzle modeled after our oun star, the Sun. This puzzle is a brainteaser that's beautiful enough to adorn any room, or to build over and over again! When you've pieced it together, you'll be proud to display this sleek, unusual puzzle.

    - 39 unique interlocking plastic pieces (color: orange translusent)
    - Take puzzling to a whole new dimension with this celestial crystal puzzle
    - Enjoyable to work on, challenging to complete and beautiful to display
    - Includes a small stand for displaying the puzzle
    - Difficulty level of 1*
    * Based on mensa-rated levels of difficulty. Where 1 is the easiest to complete and 6 is the most difficult.

    Age range: ages 12 +
    Made in: China

    University Games
    Product SKU # 30919