3D Planets in a Tube

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Re-create the solar system in your very own room with these glow-in-the-dark 3-D planets! Or perhaps, transform your room into a the night sky veiw from a distant exo-planet! Lifetime Glow Guarantee with Glominite gives these stars the brightest and highest quality glow!

- 8 colorful 3-D glowing planets (not to scale)
- 1 glowing 3-D dwarf planet (not to scale)
- adhesive putty
- 25ft of string

Age range: Ages 5+

Not enough room to put the planets in a line or want an extra clever idea?
Look up a live view of the position of the planets today or use a free planetarium software to tell you where each of the planets were on a certian date (such as a birthday or anniversary)! Use a celing light as the Sun and place each planet in their respective orbits at the positions they were in on a certian date and time.

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