Clark Dome Ornament

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This stunning, highly detailed 3D ornament of the Historic Clark Telescope at Lowell Observatory is sure to be the star of your decorations!

Lowell Observatory

For more than 125 years, Lowell Observatory has connected people to the universe, through education, exploration and discovery.

Our Mission

The mission of Lowell Observatory is to pursue the study of astronomy, especially the study of our solar system and its evolution; to conduct pure research in astronomical phenomena; and to maintain quality public education and outreach programs to bring the results of astronomical research to the general public.

Clark Dome

Of many telescopes found on Lowell Observatory's central Flagstaff campus, the most prolific and recognizable is the Clark Refractor. Nestled among ponderosa pines, the Clark Dome is the first thing you see as you embark on the winding road that leads up to Mars Hill. In the observatory's earliest days, Percival Lowell himself used the Clark to study the surface of Mars, searching for signs of intelligent life. His theories on the subject fostered massive public interest in astronomy and sparked the imaginations of science fiction writers for generations to come. Nearly a century later, the Clark would be used by a team of scientists and artists to create painstakingly detailed maps of the Moon's surface for use on the Apollo moon mission.

- Precise details
- Visually striking
- Classic design
- Tarnish resistant 24kt gold finish
- Stylishly packaged with an informational card
- Beautiful keepsake
- Delightful gift
- Stellar conversation starter

Dimensions: 3 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Materials: 24kt gold coated alloy
Hand crafted and assembled in the USA
D'Ore Ornament Designs