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This Celestial Buddy, modeled after our own home, Earth, is sure to be a good natured, true blue friend! Includes fun facts about our planet on its tag!

Ages 3+
Approximately 6" tall when seated
Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations
Handmade in China
All new materials
Content: polyester fiber

Did you know...

Earth is the only known object in our Universe to harbor life. But..are we actually alone? This is one of humanity’s oldest questions — and one that several Lowell Observatory astronomers are involved in answering by detecting and characterizing planets around other stars.

Ted Dunham and Georgi Mandushev have long been involved with programs designed to discover worlds. The TrES (Transatlantic Exoplanet Survey) program included a camera at Lowell’s Anderson Mesa research site, and Ted was part of the science team for NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, which has discovered hundreds of planets orbiting other stars. The technique used by both these projects is to watch for tiny eclipses — dips in a star’s brightness — as distant planets pass in front of the star. Sensitive enough to detect even small planets like Earth, Kepler is engaged in the first search for worlds capable of sustaining life as we know it.

Lisa Prato and Evgenya Shkolnik study young stars and young planetary systems using spectroscopy. They measure tiny variations in the position of spectral absorption lines — a phenomenon called the Doppler shift that is directly analogous to the change in pitch of a train’s whistle as it passes you. Precise spectroscopy allows Lisa and Evgenya to detect planets and study conditions in the planet-forming regions around their parent stars. Spectral analysis can also reveal the structure of young planetary disks, providing clues about how solar systems like our own come to be.


Celestial Buddies
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