Lowell Calendar 2022

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This 13 month calendar features images relevant to the history, science, and discoveries that are associated with Lowell Observatory. 

Percival Lowell was a Boston Brahmin born in 1855. His brother, Abbott, was president of Harvard University for 24 years, one sister was the Pulitzer Prize poet Amy, and another sister married a relative of Theodore Roosevelt. Percival graduated from Harvard in 1876 with honors in mathematics. After overseeing the finances of his uncle’s textile mill for six years, he spent a decade in the Far East, immersing himself in both Korean and Japanese culture and writing several books based on these experiences. Lowell founded his observatory in 1894 initially to study Mars and the possibility of intelligent life there. His primary instrument of study was the 24-inch Clark refracting telescope. Lowell died in 1916 but his legacy lives on at his observatory that now employs 110 staff members, including 15 astronomers.