Mini Hoberman Sphere - Expanding Universe Glow

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This glow-in-the-dark mini Hoberman Sphere is sure to bring a world of excitement to any household or classroom! Let the glowing center expand in the dark, like our universe, creating a mesmerizing nightlight a sphere or educational adventure!
The Hoberman Sphere is an expanding and contracting ball. It cleverly combines mathematics and geometry to create a surprising motion that fascinates children and adults alike. Its basic structure consists of six large intersecting rings. Each ring is made up of lots of small plastic links joined together in pairs which fold and unfold in a scissor-like motion. Grab a link at each side of the Sphere, pull outwards and it will grow from 5.5" to 11.5"!

- Connections vibrantly Glow - in - the - Dark!
- Expand and contract 11.5 inches with a magical motion using a combination of geometry, engineering, and beauty
- These amazing toys are tools for teaching and objects of art that are both educational and fun!
- No assembly required

- Recommended Age: 4 years +
- Dimensions (compressed, with packaging): 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
- Diameter compressed: 5.5 inches
- Diameter open: 11.5"

John Hansen Company
Product # M1319