Shuttle Electronic Perpetual Motion

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Bring some atmosphere to your desk or your room with this mesmerizing 9" tall kinetic sculpture. Onlookers will be captivated by the continuously dancing Space Shuttle and a planet. This display of kinetic energy tracing an invisible oscillating gyroscopic pattern through space is sure to delight and educate! A great gift for your little scientist or for your desktop at work.
- A 9 V battery and magnetic forces keep it in motion (9 V battery sold separately)
- Conversation starter
- Stunning decorative addition to any office or home
- Tabletop mobile rotates in constant movement (provided the battery is good)

Age range: 3+ years
Some assembly required
9V Battery required (not included)
- Box: 7" x 2.8" x 7"
- Assembled: 4.25" x 9"

How does it work?
By the amaging power of magnets!

A magnet is an object that produces its own magnetic field around itself. All magnets have a north and south pole. If the magnetic field of the north pole of a magnet is placed in the magnetic field of the south pole of another magnet, they will attract each other! However, if a magnet's north pole is a placed near another magnetic north pole, they will repell or push away from each other.

By taking advantage of the DC (direct-current) power of the household 9-volt battery (not included), magnets can propel this this mobile into virtual perpetual motion.

This mobile uses both poles of the magnet to keep it in motion! For example, due to attractive magnetic forces the largest magnet keeps the mobile still while at rest whether there is a battery in it or not. Add the battery and give the mobile a soft push with a finger, the movement begins and the repelling magnetic forces keep it in motion. An unobstructed mobile on a flat surface will stay in constant motion as long as the magnetic coil in the base has battery powered DC current.

Westminster, Inc.
Product SKU # 2863