Sick Science! Solve This

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Learn how to balance 10 nails on the head of one. Reveal the sercet to the salt marble challenge and blow up a balloon INSIDE a 1 liter bottle.
Promotes critical thinking and open ended learning. New, hip, simple, clean design. Real science has never been so much fun and engaging for kids. Great for Science Fairs.
What's Included: 4 Balloons, 1 Glass Marble, 1 Cork Ball, 1 Plastic Test Tube & Lid, 1 1-L Plastic Bottle With a Hole, 1 Rubber Stopper, 12 Iron Nails 5” (12.7cm), 1 Plastic Stand 5” x 5” x 0.75” (12.7cm x12.7cm x 1.90cm), Instructions