Solar Dough

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Solar Dough comes in 4 variations: pink/yellow, pink/purple, blue/yellow, yellow/white.

Expose Solar Dough to REAL sunlight and see how it changes color in the sun. In just a few seconds, Solar Dough will change colors over and over again!

Solar Dough comes in 4 colors that change in the sunlight. Not just any light, but real sunlight! (UV light)
  • Green changes to purple
  • Blue to purple
  • Yellow to green
  • Pink to purple

When taken out of the sunlight, Solar Dough changes back to it’s “base” color in just seconds. Solar Dough is handcrafted in small batches and is stretchy, stringy, stress relieving solar changing dough.


4 ounce per container

Colors may vary! 

Color Changing

Ages 3+(Adult supervision required because adults need to play too!)

Does not contain gluten or wheat. Water-soluble. Dye free. 

Do not use on broken or abraded skin. For best results wash hands before and after use.