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This vibrantly colored Celestial Buddy is designed to look like our very own star, the sun. Includes stellar facts about the Sun on the tag!

Ages 3+
Approximately 9" tall when seated
Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations
Handmade in China
All new materials
Content: polyester fiber

Did you know that the sun has cycles?

When solar activity (such as sunspot count) is high, the Sun is likely in a "solar maximum" cycle and when activity is low it is a "solar minimum". The cycle changes nearly every 11 years. Astronomers at Lowell Observatory also study these cycles:
Thirty years ago, stimulated by the new knowledge that the Sun’s brightness variations over the 11-year solar cycle were less than 0.1 percent, Wes Lockwood, Brian Skiff, and their colleagues began a systematic photometric study of the small brightness fluctuations of sunlike stars of various ages. Using the 21-inch telescope and a dedicated photometer, Brian Skiff observed several dozen sunlike stars for 16 consecutive seasons, finding that a majority of sunlike stars have detectable year-to-year variations from as small as 0.3 percent to several percent; (2) the amount of variability decreases with increasing stellar age.
Wes, Jeff Hall, Brian Skiff, and Len Bright have also observed these stars spectroscopically since 1994 using Lowell’s Solar-Stellar Spectrograph, an instrument fed by an optical fiber from a solar feed and from the 1.1-m J. S. Hall telescope at Anderson Mesa. It is intended to characterize the magnetic activity of these stars and the Sun on the timescale of the 11-year solar cycle.
We can observe stars to better understand our own Sun, exploring its variability and its effects on Earth’s environment and climate.

Celestial Buddies
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