What's Hot on the Moon Tonight

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The Field Guide to the Moon that You've Been Waiting for ... There is no object in the heavens which is more exciting to observe than the Moon. The amount of detail that can be seen is astonishing and there are more than 10,000 craters that are within the grasp of a modest telescope.

What's Hot on the Moon Tonight?: The Ultimate Guide to Lunar Observing is the quintessential Guide to the Moon.

Author Andrew Planck becomes your mentor, shepherding you to the Moon and its mysteries of intrigue and surprise. What's Hot on the Moon Tonight? takes you by the hand and...
• Introduces you to the Moon's most fascinating objects as they are revealed night-by-night through the lunar month.
• Explains the processes that shaped their formation so that you become more than a mere sightseer but a knowledgeable observer.
• Teaches you how to "read" the Moon as you stroll about its surface with your telescope.
• The print version gives you space to record your findings and tells you how to quickly draw what you see, even if you have no artistic talent.
• Gives you an understanding of how the Moon was formed, and why higher forms of life on Earth may never have appeared if we had no Moon.
• Teaches you the names of many of the craters ... and why they honor the individuals who have changed the course of history.

What's Hot on the Moon Tonight? is not the typical guide, one that is merely a list of objects; it is designed to increase your enjoyment by increasing your understanding. It is the perfect way to spend an evening with yourself or with friends. It is, indeed, the ultimate guide to lunar observing.

• Weight : 1.75 pounds
• Spiral-bound : 302 pages
• ISBN-10 : 099087690X
• ISBN-13 : 978-0990876908
• Moonscape Publishing, LLC; first Edition (November 21, 2014)
• English