To Mars With Love


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  • To Mars With Love is the story behind the Labeled Release experiment (LR), one of three life detection experiments on the 1976 Viking Mission, the first spacecraft to land successfully on Mars. Patricia Ann Straat was Co-Experimenter of the LR, intimatly involved with its development prior to the Mars landing and member of the Biology Flight Team during the Viking Mission. The controversial positive results of the LR have ben published many times, but the story of the development of the flight instrument with all its trials, tribulations and challenges has never before been told. This is the story of a huge team of scientists and engineers working tirelessly to overcome incredibly difficult obstacles, and of the surprising results obtained from Mars. The book also contains never-before-published photographs of Viking scientists, Viking memorabilia and humorous stories. A parallel thread follows the author’s equestrian activities through the Viking years, and their interplay with Viking. Together with the science and engineering narratives, the book presents a unique and personal view of Viking and the LR.

    To Mars with Love by Patricia Ann Straat
    ISBN: 978-1-64111-150-8
    Full Color Hardcover Limited Edition
    304 pages with 91 Photos and Figures
    Publication Date: January 16, 2019